Chiropractors in a Fallen World

When I was 18, I woke up one morning with severe pain in my sacrum, the lowest part of my back. I found that I couldn’t walk, sit, crawl, kneel, or do anything comfortably except lie down. At the age of 18, you shouldn’t wake up one morning unable to walk.

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I called a chiropractor I had recently met. She and I both specialized in maternity and newborns, so it was an eagerly-anticipated meeting, though honestly, it went nowhere because we had almost no professional need for each other. But now I found I had a personal need for her.

It took a few days to get in to see her, during which time I tried every recommended treatment she offered, from heat to cold, from massage to drugs. After the first adjustment, the pain almost completely vanished. After the second, it was entirely nonexistent. Initially, I saw her twice a week, then once a week, then once every other week, and finally once a month.

Having visits once a month was sufficient to control my pain. As long as I saw her once a month, the pain was gone. However, I struggled to square the idea that I, a healthy 18-year-old who had never experienced any injuries and didn’t have any musculoskeletal diseases, could be living in chronic pain. When the first chiropractor moved away, I tried another. After she moved away, I tried another and another. They all kept me out of pain, but I was frustrated by the need to seek chronic care. Would I need to use chiropractors for the rest of my life?

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The second chiropractor introduced me to Foot Levelers. These eliminated my pain for a year at a time or more. However, they are expensive and only cover the pain. I thought surely there must be a permanent fix somewhere.

I haven’t found that permanent fix. And I’m having to accept the idea that I will simply live with chronic pain for the rest of my life. It seems like it shouldn’t be that way, but however you look at it, that’s sort of a fact of life. From the evolutionary perspective (specifically, the Laws of Thermodynamics), everything runs down over time. From the creationist perspective, sickness entered the world after the Fall. We live in a Fallen world, and my chronic pain is one of many symptoms of our world’s sickness.

It may seem hopeless when I phrase it like that. But let me put it this way…

With chiropractors, I experienced complete or nearly complete symptom relief with completely non-invasive and relatively inexpensive regular adjustments and/or Foot Levelers.

With mainstream medical doctors, I would possibly undergo surgery with the promise of more chronic pain (just a different kind) and no assurance of cure, and physical therapy to somewhat ameliorate the problems caused by the surgery. I would also receive pain medication, which would become less and less effective over time, a pharmacological fact known as “tolerance,” which would lead to more and more use of heavier and heavier drugs until I was popping tens of pills per day, many of them narcotics, and likely developing dependence and even addiction.

Without either chiropractors or medical doctors, I would experience crippling pain every day of my life.

I choose the better option. And I am eternally grateful to my chiropractors for keeping me out of pain.


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