Of Toddlers and Hairstyles and Pinterest Parenting

I finally got tired of my daughter sometimes looking like a boy and always having plain jane hair. These days, with so many parents letting their toddler boys’ hair grow long and dressing their daughters in gender-neutral clothing (guilty), you can’t tell the child’s sex by length of hair or type of clothing alone. However, if the toddler in question has pigtails, it’s probably a girl.

So I did my research. As a midwife and nurse, I research the heck out of everything. So should it come as a surprise that I ended up with nine pages of toddler hairstyles pinned to my “Kids” Pinterest board? I found pages like this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this.

Ada pigtailsSo I decided to start simple. On July 4, I put her hair in simple pigtails. Isn’t she so cute?! And it only took an hour for her to pull them out! Then three days later, figuring the problem was inadequate hair length, I pulled the front half into pigtails and pulled those into back half pigtails. Those lasted a whole two hours!

It seems every other day I read something (usually satirical but sometimes serious) about how the purpose of Pinterest seems to be to make you hate your life. But seriously… there MUST be a way to keep toddler hair put up!! I’ve SEEN it… like, in REAL LIFE!!





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