Schaabling Free Cross of Unity Knitting Pattern

I created this pattern for another upcoming Christian tradition, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which runs 18 January to 25 January every year. (Math geeks: yes, a “week” of 8 days. It’s called an octave, of which there are apparently a lot in Christian traditions. It’s okay, you can stop hyperventilating now.) The post explaining this event will be published tomorrow. For now, here’s the pattern!

cross of unity

Cross of Unity Pattern


  • Craft: Knitting
  • Yarn Weight: Any DK yarn in 3 colors of your choice; I used Amerry in brown, white, and yellow.
  • Needles: US3 / 3.125 mm DPNs
  • Other Supplies: scissors, tapestry needle
  • Sizes: One Size; each loop will measure 2″ diameter; cross will measure 3″ x 2″; finished product will measure 3″ x 3″.
  • Availability: Free


  • CO = cast on
  • sts = stitches
  • k = knit
  • BO = bind off


LOOPS: (make 2)

  • CO 4 sts (for seamless loop, use provisional cast-on)
  • K i-cord for 5 inches.
  • Cut yarn and seam ends together (for seamless loop, remove provisional cast on and seam ends with Kitchener stitch).
  • Weave in ends.
  • Finished loop will measure approximately 2 inches diameter.


  • CO 8 sts. Place first four sts on Needle 1 and second four sts on Needle 2. You will essentially be knitting “in-the-round,” but with only three needles, so the effect is back-and-forth.
  • K 5 rows (~0.5 inches).
  • Row 6: (Needle 1) k4, CO 5 sts (backwards loop); (Needle 2) CO 5 sts by knitting into the spaces between the last cast-on sts, k4, CO 5 sts (backwards loop); (Needle 1) CO 5 sts by knitting into the spaces between the last cast-on sts.
  • NOTE that all rows will start in the same place: at the main/vertical beam of the cross.
  • Rows 7-9: k
  • Row 10: (Needle 1) k4, BO5; (Needle 2) BO 5, k4, BO 5; (Needle 1) BO 5.
  • K 20 rows (~2 inches)
  • BO all stitches using three-needle bind-off.


Arrange cross and loops so the cross connects the two loops as pictured. By weaving loose yarn up through the hollow center of the cross, use yarn to secure the loops to the cross. I recommend “anchoring” the yarn by wrapping it once around the cross’s stitch immediately below where the loops will pass over the cross, weaving it up through the bottom loop, through a stitch on the bottom of the top loop, back down through the bottom loop, and then anchoring the yarn into the cross again. Repeat for the area where the loops pass behind the cross. Weave in ends.  FIN.




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