Happy Independence Day Knitting!

Wow, what are the chances that this post would fall *exactly* on Independence Day (U.S.A.)? This happens to be my favorite holiday, so I was honestly quite bummed to realize that, obviously, it’s not a holiday in Japan and I will therefore not celebrate it in the traditional way while living here. *Sad Panda*

So in honor of July the Fourth, here is a long selection of patriotic (free!) patterns. Click the pictures for the links. (Note: These were free when I found them. However, when editing this post, I later found one to have changed from free to paid and therefore deleted it. If you find one of these is no longer free by the time you click the link, I apologize. I am as disappointed as you are.)


baby dress

baby dress (c) A. Rege

baby dress 2

baby/toddler dress (c) C. Masessa

bib (c) S. Dyas

preemie beanies

preemie beanies (c) T. Batchelder

baby booties (c) K. Popadin







wrap (c) Lion Brand Yarn


afghan (c) R. White

table runner

table runner (c) L. Hering

table runner

table runner (c) J. Clement

sock pin

sock pin (c) K. North

ribbon pin

ribbon pin (c) D. Adcock

tote bag

tote bag (c) E. Wiechmann


purse (c) Sassy Skein


wallet (c) J. Nachman

toy lion

toy lion (c) Phoeny


pennant (c) Little England




hat 2 earflap

beanie 3

(c) M.J. Mucklestone

beanie 2

(c) Iam 4MAN

beanie 1

(c) L. Smith






hoodie (c) B. Kluckhohn


(c) E. Epstein

girl blouse

girl blouse (c) Universal Yarn

sweater toddler child

(c) Maddie Créatricoteuse





scarf 3

(c) Frivolite Handcrafts

scarf 1

(c) National WW Museum

Scarf 2 ruffle

(c) Red Heart Yarns





(c) L Sielicki

gloves fingerless

(c) L. Bernard

wrist cuff

(c) C Rose




socks 1 beads

(c) J. Erickson-Sweitzer

socks 2

(c) J Erickson-Schweitzer

socks 3

(c) R.B. Creedle



Here’s to apple pie waistlines, sparkler burns, and Roman candle wars. Here’s to the Red, White, and Blue. Here’s to the Land of the Free (usually) and the Home of the Brave. Here’s to whiskey for my men and beer for my horses.

But most of all, here’s to our incredible Founding Fathers, that the current Administration might recognize their greatness and respect them as something more than “just a bunch of old, white, slave-owning men.”



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