Schaabling Free Mario Question Box Knitting Pattern

I may be dating myself by saying how much I used to love jumping on little brown, angry mushrooms while eating other brightly colored mushrooms and hitting boxes that produced coins and gifts in psychedelic colors with equally wild sounds. No, not an acid trip. Just Super Mario Bros.

Okay, so I’m a nerd. Or a geek. According to this graph, I fall more on the nerdy side of the scale, though knitting a Mario question box seems geeky. But I digress…

In honor of hours and hours of fond childhood memories, I knitted this and wrote up the pattern a long time ago, but never published it to my blog. So here it is!

Mario Question Box

Mario Question Box Pattern

Craft: Knitting

Yarn Weight: Any worsted or Aran in orange, yellow, and white

Needle size: US 8 / 5.0 mm

Other Supplies: scissors, tapestry needle, mesh plastic canvas (like this one)

Availability: Free


See colorwork pattern below. Select yarns in: Orange (O), Yellow (Y), White (blank).

  1. Leaving a 16-inch tail, CO 16 sts in Orange. Turn work.
  2. P across according to colorwork pattern, using tail for opposite Orange line.
  3. K across in colorwork pattern.
  4. P across in colorwork pattern. Use Orange working yarn and Orange tail for Orange sts. With Yellow and White, carry yarn across the back of the work. See this video for an example of how to do this.
  5. Continue in pattern.
  6. After final Orange row, BO all sts. DO NOT WEAVE IN THE ENDS.
  7. Make five more of these knit squares for a total of six knit squares. Steam-block the knit squares.
  8. Use the knit squares as guides to measure out four to six squares of mesh plastic canvas.* Using the yarn ends, sew the knit squares to the mesh plastic squares, and sew the squares’ edges together into the shape of a box/cube.  FIN.

*I recommend six; the box in the photo was made with four, and the two unsupported sides—see one of them on the left—sink in, negatively affecting the overall appearance.

Colorwork Pattern

Mario Box Question Box Colorwork Pattern



Happy knitting!



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