Countdown to Tokyo

I’ve been asked by multiple people to give an update on Japan, so I’ve moved back some other planned posts in order to do so. I’ll also answer some FAQ’s I’ve gotten.

FAQ #1: Why are you moving to Japan?

Answer #1: Derek’s job. His company is providing a service for a Japanese company and they’ve been in the process of moving Derek’s team to Tokyo to make the job easier.

FAQ #2: Is his company paying for that???

Answer #2: <sarcasm> No. They expect us to spend more than his annual salary on all of the expenses associated with moving. </sarcasm> Of course. They will reimburse us for a certain amount of expenses involved and will pay for our housing in Japan, which is ludicrously expensive (imagine NYC on steroids).

FAQ #3: How long will you be there?

Answer #3: At least 2 years. Max length unknown at this time—maybe for life.

FAQ #4: Are you going as missionaries?

Answer #4: Not really. We wanted to, but then Derek’s job appeared and said, “Yo dog, I heard you wanted to go to Japan, so we put some Japan in your Japan plans.” If that makes sense to you, you win the magic kewpie doll. Which I learned two weeks ago is Japanese. And very freaky.

FAQ #5: What are y’all doing with your house?

Answer #5: We will keep it and rent it. Last week, we moved out of our house and into an apartment on my parents’ farm. The house should be listed by now.

FAQ #6: What did you do with all your stuff? Are you taking it all to Japan?

Answer #6: Our Japanese apartment will be furnished, including some kitchen implements, so there’s very little we will actually need. Furthermore, our apartment will be tiny, so we won’t have room for all our stuff anyway. We gave away almost all of our furniture and a sizable portion of our belongings. When asked how I feel about the move, my answer has almost always been, “I’m just mad at myself for keeping so much junk, because now I have to figure out what to do with it!” What we are keeping, we have placed in storage, for which Derek’s company will pay a certain amount. Basically, we trimmed it to the point that we won’t be paying anything toward storage.

FAQ #7: How do you feel about moving?

Answer #7: Well, now that we’re getting much closer to the date—less than a week away!—I’m beginning to feel the nervousness and stress people have been worrying about on my behalf. No tears yet. For the most part, we just want it to be over.



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