Grand Opening!!!

Grand Opening!

Schaabling Shire Shoppe on Etsy (

So if you’ve been following the previous posts, you read the last hint that the Japanese word for these objects is “編みぐるみ,” which is pronounced “amigurumi,” which literally means “crocheted or knitted stuffed toy” and is “the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.”

Please meet the first three Schaabling Shire Shoppe Amigurumi Pets:


John, the Labrador Retriever


Francois, the French Lop (rabbit)


Munchkin, the Munchkin (kitten)

Amigurumi Pets 2014-03

Each Schaabling Shire Amigurumi Pet comes with a miniature Adoption Booklet, which gives stats on the pet, fun facts on the species, and information on the pet’s breed.

Also COMING SOON are some accessories (e.g., house, bed, food and water dishes, litterbox, etc.) you can buy for your Amigurumi Pet. Each pet can be purchased alone or with his/her accessories. There is no date set for the arrival of the accessorized sets at this time.

FINALLY, as a Grand Opening gift, for the entire month of March, everything in the Schaabling Shire Shoppe is 50% off!! (To redeem, insert coupon code 50MARCH at checkout.)

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Jaa, matane!


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