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Grand Opening Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the Etsy Schaabling Shire Shoppe launch! Check back tomorrow to see the shop!

Here’s the final hint…

There’s a word in Japanese to describe these objects: “編みぐるみ”


Jaa, matane!


Bent Needles :-(

For the items coming to my Etsy shop March 1, here’s the hint of the week: They’re kawaii!! (Google that!)

A friend’s mother once told me, “Shakespeare wrote two kinds of plays: comedies and tragedies. In a comedy, everybody gets hitched. In a tragedy, everybody dies. But up until the end, you can’t tell the difference.” On that vein, here’s the story of the week…

My sewing machine is a Janome Memory Craft 9000. I sewed along quite happily until, sometime late last year, the thread began tangling in the bobbin case so badly that I would have to cut my needle out. I tried changing thread and changing the bobbin, to no avail. Finally, my husband (!!!) suggested I change the needle, so I did.

Oh, happy day! Sewing again!

And then this week it started tangling again. This being a hand-me-down machine, I only had three needles to start with, so I quickly tested all three and had the same experience with all three. I did lots of research online, but I guess people who sew (I initially typed “sewers,” lol, but then thought people might not appreciate being compared to a receptacle for human waste) are relatively low-tech because the resources were pretty awful. Basically, it took forever for me to find that the most likely cause of the tangling is, in fact, a bent needle, as I had previously suspected.

So I tried to find out what needles are recommended for the Janome MC 9000 and could find no such information. However, I know that the type of needles I inherited along with the sewing machine were Janome brand needles, and the user manual says I should use ball point size 75/11 needles for the type of fabric I’m sewing with, so I tried to find Janome ball point 75/11. Unfortunately, they can only be purchased in Britain. O.O

So I called my handy Willets Sew & Vac store here in McKinney. I suppose you could say I’m posting a shameless plug, but they were very helpful. They explained that sewing machine needles are pretty generic, that you don’t have to buy Janome brand needles for a Janome brand sewing machine, and that all I have to do is make sure I’m buying the right size.

All of that to say that the onesies and pants are on hold for now. Again. 😦


Jaa, matane!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! (belated)


Update on the onesies: I’ve nearly completed another, but got delayed in my attempts to sew an appliqué onto the onesie. I learned the hard way that I was doing it wrong. I asked myself: why do I always have to do everything the hard way?


So here’s a short blog post regarding how to sew on an appliqué. There are two basic methods. The first involves a fusible web, with which you essentially glue the appliqué to the fabric. Here is a helpful blog posts I found describing that process:


The second version involves plain old interfacing.

1) Cut out the appliqué

2) Pin the appliqué to the right side of the garment and the interfacing to the wrong side of the garment (the interfacing must be larger than the appliqué—this is where I initially went wrong)

3) Straight-stitch around the appliqué as close to the edge as possible to stick it in place, and remove the pins

4) Zig-zag stitch around the edge of the appliqué

5) Cut any excess interfacing, being careful not to cut any stitches or the fabric

And you’re done! Here’s one blog post I found to explain this process:


The gaucho pants and overalls are on hold for now.


Since I didn’t post last week, I’m giving two hints on the items to be added to the Etsy shop:

They will come with adoption cards.

There will be a series of maps for these items soon (hopefully by August).



Jaa, matane!

Onesies and Gauchos and Etsy and…

Update on the onesies: I salvaged one of the onesies I created by adding runners to the sides. I’ve also finished drawing the pattern for the onesies, but have yet to write the instructions for the pattern. I started testing the pattern, discovered some problems, fixed those problems, and started testing again. I have not finished the second test attempt.

Update on the gaucho pants and overalls: Still trying to finish these.

New hint on the Etsy shop items: I’m doing a surprising amount of research for these. (Not a very helpful hint, I know.)


Jaa, matane!