Onesie Problems (and another hint)

My daughter, who is almost 5 months old, just grew out of the 9 month size and into the 12 month size, so I decided to sew a couple for her. Unable to find a free 12 month onesie pattern online, I used one of her 12 month onesies to create a pattern, from which I sewed two onesies. After trying them on her and discovering that they come nowhere close to fitting (in spite of being the exact same size as the ***jersey knit*** onesies that do fit her), I realized it will be a while before I can post a free 12 month onesie pattern for your use. I’m also working on 12 month size gaucho pants and gaucho overalls and hope to have them posted next week. *crosses fingers*

Also, it’s been a week (rather, 10 days) since my initial post, so it’s (past) time for another hint regarding the items to be added to the (soon-to-come) Etsy shop. So here’s the hint:

They each have a personal name.

Also, for the first month (March 1-31), they will be 50% off!

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Ja matane!


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