Schaabling Shire Shop logoSchaabling Shire Shoppe offers information on such topics as health, parenting/homeschooling, and crafting (with not uncommon posts about Christianity or current events viewed through the lens of Scripture).


Comments Policy

This blog’s settings require that all comments be individually approved by the blog administrators. It may take a day or more for a comment to appear on the blog or for us to respond to it, if a response is warranted.

Foul Language: All comments with foul language will be deleted. To ensure your comment is approved, remove foul language. If including a quote with foul language, replace expletives with “[expletive]” or “—” or something similar.

Attacks: Any comments with attacks or ad hominems will be deleted. There is a difference between an emotionally-neutral, respectful critique and an attack. To ensure your comment is approved, rephrase attacks into critiques. An extension of this for circumcision-related posts is that comments with terms like “mutilation” (in reference to male circumcision) or “intactonuts” (in reference to intactivists) will not be approved.


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